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EMITS incorporates an "Express Interest" function that enables you to reply to an ITT/IITT, in other words, it allows you to express interest in an Invitation To Tender (Intended or Open). If you express interest in an IITT, you will be advised when the IITT becomes an Open Invitation To Tender (ITT/AO).

Note: You are only allowed to use the "express interest" option if the following conditions are true for your Userid:

  • it must have the 'Express Interest' option enabled
  • it must have a Bidder Code that is different from zero (Bidder Code is zero for ESA staff) associated with it
  • the country of your company must appear in the Special Provisions list of the ITT/AO


It is not possible to express interest in an IITT/ITT published by your own Company (the "Express Interest" button is not shown for own ITTs/IITTs).

When you express interest in an ITT/IITT of an Entity, the Entity Tender Administrator of the Entity will receive an e-mail, assuming the System Administrator has set up this function for the Entity in question.

According to Chapter 2.F.1 of the General Tender Conditions, entities are required to notify their interest to tender to the Agency, either via EMITS or in writing to the Contracts Officer. This allows users to be informed of any modifications in the intended procurement and to be notified via e-mail when the ITT is issued.
Users are invited, when using the "Expression of Interest" option, to allow this to be visible for other users.

Warning: The Status of the ITT/IITT indicates whether you are allowed to express an interest: i.e., Awarded, Cancelled, or Restricted Invitations To Tender will not allow you to express an interest.

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