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Generating a summaries report

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A report of the summaries can be generated from the IITTs list.

When you press the "Generate Report" button at the end of the list, all summaries having a checkmark will be included in a long document, one after the other.

To exclude some summaries from the report, just untick the corresponding check box prior to pressing the button.

If you prefer to generate a report of only a few items in the list, it is sufficient to untick their boxes and press the "report unchecked items" button.

You can choose a 'plain' report instead of a 'formatted' one, which means that the resulting text will have no HTML tags in it, so it can be saved as plain ASCII text using the 'Save As...' menu option.

Whenever an IITT has been issued, a link to the corresponding Open Invitation To Tender summary is added also inside the report. The IITT data is updated with that from the related ITT.

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