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Click "Search Invitations To Tender" and then "Intended" to search for Intended Invitations To Tender that match the criteria that you have specified, or if the complete list is very long.
There are a number of options for filling out the query form: 

  • ESA Contract Number:
    This search criterion only appears if you are an Entity Tender Administrator or an ESA Approver. It allows you to search for a specific ESA Contract Number eventually inserted in the IITT. 
  • Text to Search:
    enter the text you want to search for in the "Search for:" box. This could be a single word or phrase, or a combination of words, and you can use Query Syntax elements (including Boolean operators) to specify very precise search terms. After a search inside a document text, the document selected from the search result list automatically scrolls to the first occurrence of a search term, shown in red. 
  • Search Conditions:
    You can specify the following search conditions:
    • Special Provisions: choose a country (code) participating in the concerned Programme
    • Price Range: choose the price range
    • Establishment: choose the issuing establishment
    • Keyword: choose the keyword

Use the drop down list to specify the values of the fields. You can specify as many conditions as you want. The default setting is "none". 

Due to the way the EMITS database is structured, it is not possible to search a word in a text and, at the same time, search a predefined value in one of the fields mentioned above under Search Conditions.


  • Search Result Fields:
    After the query is executed, the search result list will contain the following three columns by default:
    • A running number
    • The link to the item (the Action Reference number for Intended Invitations To Tender)
    • The title

You can choose to include other summary fields in the search result list, by checking their boxes in the "Search Result Fields:" table. For example, if you want the Establishment and the Division fields included in the list, select the appropriate check boxes - the search result list will then have two additional columns: Establishment and Division.

Selecting fields from the "Search Result Fields:" table has no effect on the query itself, but only on what is displayed after the query is executed.


Click the "Find" button to start the query or the "Reset" button to cancel the query.

The Search Result list displays the results of a query. To view a document, click its hyperlink. To get the list of all Intended Invitations To Tenders, click the "Find" button without changing anything on the query form - that is, leave it in its default state: you will get the list of all Intended Invitations To Tender.


Generating a summaries report

A report of summaries can be generated from a Search Result list.

Pressing the "Generate formatted Report" button at the end of the list, all summaries having a checkmark are included in a long document, one after the other.

To exclude some summaries from the report, just clear the corresponding check box prior to pressing the button.

If you prefer to generate a report of only a few items in the list, you can just clear their check boxes, and choose to report the unchecked items.

When you choose for a 'plain' report instead of a 'formatted' one, the resulting text will have no HTML tags in it, so it can be saved as plain ASCII text using the 'Save As...' menu option.

Whenever an IITT has been issued, a link to the corresponding Open Invitation To Tender summary is added even inside a report.

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