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Search Archived Invitations To Tenders

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If you are an ESA staff member you can also use the "Search" facility for archived items. In particular you have the following possibilities:

  • ESA items
    Only Open Invitations To Tender can be searched as Intended Invitations To Tender are not archived. Click "Search Invitations To Tender" and then "Archived". Specify the search criteria and then press the "Find" button or press the "Find" button directly if you want the full list. To view a document, click its hyperlink.
  • Entities items
    For entities items both Open Invitations To Tender and Intended Invitations To Tender can be searched as both of them are archived. Click "Search Invitations To Tender", "Archived" and then "Open" or "Intended", depending on which type you want to search. See Search Open Invitations To Tender and Search Intended Invitations To Tender for details.


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