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European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS)

3rd EGNOS System Test Bed (ESTB) workshop in Nice, 12 November 2002

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The European Space Agency (ESA), in coordination with the NavSat 2002 committee, is organising the 3rd EGNOS/ESTB workshop on Tuesday 12 November 2002 in Nice.

It will be held from 09h00 until 12h30 prior to the NavSat 2002 opening plenary session. The location of the workshop is the same as the NavSat 2002 Conference (Acropolis Nice (F)).

The objective of this workshop is to present a brief status of development of the EGNOS project and to present the latest news , plans, and results obtained with the EGNOS System Test bed (ESTB).

The programme of this workshop is advertised on the NavSat 2002 web site.

Participants are invited to register either by filling in the registration form of the NavSat 2002 conference or by sending an e-mail to

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