Greek company develops satellite based software to improve workflow processes

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An ESA Telecom supported project from the Greek company Innovis SA has concluded pilot trials designed to test the capabilities of BizSmart SAT, the satellite version of its advanced software tool.

The three companies involved in the trials all gave the tool high marks. Two of the trial users have developed plans to incorporate BizSmart SAT into their normal workflow processes.

BizSmart is a unique software tool that allows users to define and manage the flow of information, tasks and operations in their organisation, within rule-based constraints. It can also describe the roles, personnel and resources needed for the implementation of work within the organisation. The satellite version, BizSmart SAT, will provide this functionality to users regardless of their geographic location and can serve as a back-up to terrestrial networks.

Innovis is also targeting BizSmart SAT at satellite and internet service providers, so that they can build their own service offerings based on the platform.

Maritime pilot

In a trial with a shipping company, three Inmarsat C devices were placed aboard ships and connected to the company’s headquarters in Athens via the Internet. Users were able to query BizSmart services from the Inmarsat terminals, providing bi-directional communication between the ships and corporate information systems.

The system transmitted information on ship position, departure and arrival times, and even maintenance orders faster and more reliability than was previously accomplished by telephone and fax.

BizSmart SAT messaging allows execution of a process with the submission of fewer messages, resulting in a considerable reduction in communication costs.

Construction pilot

The construction industry pilot focused on the management of technical and construction projects. The company participating in the trial specialises in the construction of tunnels, which are usually located in mountainous areas where accessing telecommunications networks is very difficult.

BizSmart SAT was particularly interesting for this application, providing continuous communication with worksites positioned far from company headquarters.

Although similar to the maritime application, construction management had some special requirements. Last minute proposals to change construction processes require acceptance and refusal exchanges, thus increasing the number of steps in the process and the amount of data.

Health insurance pilot

The third trial participant manages care and acts as a third party administrator for insurance companies. The company is mainly involved in ‘claims administration’ and ‘online coverage’ for insured members’ hospitalisations.

The trial application tested BizSmart SAT for the management of medical care during disaster relief, when traditional terrestrial telecommunication networks have been damaged or destroyed.

As a back-up to terrestrial networks, the satellite based solution proved extremely useful and is thought likely to meet the user’s requirements.

Start-up Projects Initiative

BizSmart SAT was started during Round Three of ESA Telecom’s Start-up Projects Initiative, which gave the developers a financial and technological opportunity to develop a product that can address a number of new and lucrative vertical markets.

The success of the BizSmart SAT project shows the value which the Start-up Projects Initiative brings to growing European industry, especially since this project comes from Greece, one of ESA's newest member states.

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