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ESA's Business Applications programme helps European industry in non-space sectors to use space to enhance their products or services in a wide range of domains such as Health, Safety, Environment, Development, Energy, Aviation and Transport.

Solutions range from improving and securing transport systems to supporting emergency and disaster management and their success is based on seamlessly integrating space with terrestrial systems.

Terrestrial systems can utilise any combination of space data, tools and techniques used for telecommunications, Earth observation, human spaceflight and navigation.

The Business Applications programme lends technical, financial and business support to transform ideas into products and services. Helping industry to demonstrate the commercial potential of their new products and services in the market provides an important springboard for becoming sustainable, successful businesses.

ESA joins forces with satellite operators and manufacturers through public–private partnerships (PPPs). Co-funding and therefore sharing the risk that comes with investing in new technologies accelerates their introduction to the market.

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