Coletti Biotechnologies: A new automated portable molecular and cellular DNS laboratory

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The US start-up Coletti Biotechnologies is developing a compact portable device for DNA analyses without the need for conventional laboratories. Their GenArrow lab is ideal for remote disadvantageous environments, including space missions, where conventional diagnostic tools are not available. Meet Coletti Biotechnologies at ESA's Start-ups Zone powered by ESA space solutions at IAC 2018.

Silvano Colletti
Silvano Colletti

“For the first time [at IAC2018] we present our unique, compact and all-in-one portable device able to perform DNA analyses, without structured laboratories,” says Silvano Colletti, founder and CEO of Coletti Biotechnologies LLC.

“It is the ideal tool for any disadvantageous environment, including long-lasting space missions, where conventional diagnostic tools are not available.“

The new molecular and cellular automated GenArrow lab integrates the latest advances in the life science from NASA, applying know-how and expertise of T-shaped scientific teams at the agency.

GenArrow is a fully automated and portable laboratory, a reliable, rapid, stand-alone and versatile inexpensive point-of-care (POC) device that will enable cost-effective performance of genetic tests. It is conceived for the diagnosis and follow-up of patients with different diseases.

GenArrow makes use of proprietary consumable and disposable processors, designed for clinical and research applications. It tests blood and other raw biosamples for searching for genetic variants, and yields comparable results with those of conventional diagnostic devices, in terms of both sensitivity and specificity.

The lab can be used for further applications beside genetic tests, including in vitro fertilization, protein analyses and others.

Easy operation also by non-lab-specialist medical staff

The only task the user has to perform is to load the sample into the GenArrow processor, select the program and press Start. Automatically, the assay is selected on the basis of the clinical query and GenArrow will test for the presence of the genetic variant of interest.

The presence or absence of the variant will provide a definitive answer on the clinical suspect. The same test can be repeated several times over time to monitor the course of the disease

Thanks to the simple approach used, compared to the competitors, GenArrow is not restricted to one or few genetic tests and is suitable for several applications beyond molecular genetics.

It can also be used for cell biology, including in vitro fertilization, and is not restricted to human applications only.

GenArrow targets many different market applications

The following are examples of market applications:

  • Long duration space missions: Acquired genetic variants associated to cancer and rapid identification of pathogens
  • First level hospitals/laboratories of fully developed countries: Acquired genetic variants associated to cancer and constitutional genetic variants particular focusing EMA/FDA validated pharmacogenetic biomarkers
  • Remote areas of the world: Rapid identification of pathogens (i.e. viral epidemics: Dengue, Zika, Yellow fever…) and epidemiologic characterization of insects (mosquitoes, flies)
  • Assisted reproduction centres for humans and animals: Human-in-vitro fertilization and stock-breeding of pedigree animals
  • Fully equipped laboratories: Short term cell cultures, protein analysis and small scale pharmacological tests.

Coletti Biotechnologies LLC start-up
Founded in 2017, Coletti Biotechnologies LLC R&D team now includes:

  • Silvano Coletti (Founder and CEO) is a global entrepreneur with interests in life sciences.
  • Francesco Danilo Tiziano MD (CSO) is associate professor at the Institute of Genomic Medicine of Università Cattolica in Rome. His main fields of interest are molecular diagnosis and translational research of neuromuscular and neurological disorders.
  • Emanuela Abiusi MD is post-doctoral fellow at the Institute of Genomic Medicine at Università Cattolica in Rome, where she is the key investigator of several research projects of outstanding relevance in the field of rare disorders.
  • Alessandro Vaisfeld MD is resident in Medical Genetics at the Università Cattolica in Roma. His main research field is the identification of prognostic biomarkers for neurodegenerative disorders.

More information on Coletti Biotechnologies LLC in also provided in their GenArrow Flyer.

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The Coletti Biotechnologies entrepreneurs will be at the Start-ups Zone at IAC 2018 from 3 October noon until 5 October, and be pitching their business 4 October.