Open Sky Technologies Fund

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ESA has several initiatives for identifying and preparing technologies for non-space use that can result in commercially viable products and high-potential companies.

Although there is a relatively large amount of very promising start-up and early-stage companies that use space-related technologies or satellite applications, as for all new technology ventures, they often lack access to seed and early-stage funding.

Therefore, in addition to the ESA Business Incubation Centres, ESA has taken the initiative to promote the establishment of a fund to support start-up and early stage companies.

The investment focus of the Open Sky Technologies Fund is on seed-capital investments, start-ups and early-stage growth capital for companies using space-related technologies or satellite applications in non-space applications. These companies need to be located within ESA’s Member States.

The management of the fund is completely outsourced to Triangle Venture Capital Group, Germany, a company specialised in managing, advising and financing early-stage high-technology companies.

Any questions regarding the Open Sky Tchnologies Fund can be sent to:
or to Triangle Venture directy through

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