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Driving range shown on display

Smart system shows range of your electric car

21/03/2013 398 views
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A next-generation device for predicting the range of electric vehicles is being introduced by German start-up company mapZero, hosted at ESA Business Incubation Centre Darmstadt, Germany.

The system sets itself apart from other units for showing how far an electrical vehicle can drive. Using satnav input, it calculates in real time the predicted range limits from where you are by taking into consideration the topography in all directions, weather conditions, vehicle parameters and the battery charge remaining.

The result is shown on an easy-to-read map display, helping the driver to plan the trip at any location and with the battery power available.

The app is fully portable and works with different smartphones and tablets, and vehicle parameters are available for download for most of the battery-powered vehicles on the market: electric cars, motor bikes, scooters and bicycles – even the Segway is supported.

The mapZero app is available in English and German, and has already been downloaded 500 times.

mapZero developed the system with the support of ESA Technology Transfer Programme’s Business Incubation Centre Darmstadt.