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Congratulations to the winners in ESA’s #Estrack40 audio contest.

We invited you to help us celebrate the 40th anniversary of Estrack, our tracking station network set up in 1975. With 117 entries from over a dozen countries, you certainly succeeded! Congratulations to the top 10 entrants and the three prize winners.

While only three could win prizes, and only 10 could be at the top, we loved all 117 submissions.

We heard some marvellous stuff created by people who are passionate, motivated and imaginative in their pursuit of music that reflects the central themes of exploration into our Universe, technological excellence and the dreams of humanity’s journeys into space.


Our ESA judging team of 10 included several active amateur musicians plus others who have long experience playing/learning a number of instruments.

All the judges thoroughly enjoyed their task and on behalf of all of us, thank you to all who took part.


We are delighted today to congratulate the top 10 entrants as well as the top three prize winners, and recognise a total of 42 selectees whose musical work was assessed very strongly by our panel of judges.

Top 10

First place

Congratulations to Gautier Acher, a 17-year-old student living in Paris, for his top-ranked submission: “11,2 km/s.” Gautier wrote:

This track is a triptych that shows space is vast, but is full of interesting things, such as humankind, stars, comets, planets... It describes great achievements, in the past, and in the future.

Second place

Congratulations to Sebastian Arrigo, living in Seravezza, not too far from Pisa, Italy, for his composition: “ESA 40th – Lamento di Andromeda.” Sebastian wrote:

[This is a] metaphor of the myth of Perseus and Andromeda; knowledge is a cry for the advent of the perseverance, and the genius of the human heart.

Third place

Congratulations to Ezequiel Rodríguez, in Ingenio, Las Palmas, Spain, for his composition: “Vega 28231406.” Ezequiel wrote:

Instrumental work inspired by the astronomical research and the Cosmos. First track of the Mundusmurum project and anticipated piece from the work in progress album “Márpico.”


The 3rd and 2nd place runners-up will be awarded a 1-year premium pro subscription to The grand prize winner will be invited to join us as special guest at Cebreros station on 24 September for ESA’s celebration of 40 years of Estrack.

To listen to playlists grouping all 117 entries as well as the top 42 selectees and the top 10, access ESA’s channel in SoundCloud: - or follow the links below.

All entries (117)

Selectees - 11-20

Selectees - 21-30

Selectees - 31-42

ESA Malargüe tracking station
ESA Malargüe tracking station