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About the Nonconformance Tracking System (NCTS)

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First released in 2005, Non-conformance Tracking System (NCTS) continues to grow in its importance in supporting ESA project to manage nonconformances (NCs).

Currently, there are more than 5,000 users on 29 different ESA projects across six ESA Directorates who use NCTS to manage over 20,000 NCs.

This web-based application supports the recording, reporting and reviewing of NCs raised against any space product.

It implements the process and requirements specified in ECSS-Q-ST-10-09C (Nonconformance Control System).

Based on a user's access, NCTS determines to which section(s) of a product tree the user has access and whether the user can view or create NCs. The tool allows all details about the NC to be entered online, including the attachment of supporting documentation (e.g. meeting minutes, images, etc.)

NCTS allows Nonconformance Review Board (NRB) members to be notified by email about a new NC which was raised.

The tool supports both Internal NRBs (where a NC is classified as Minor) or Customer NRBs (where a NC is escalated, as it is classifed as Major).

During a NRB, minutes of the meeting can be recorded on-line and actions assigned.

NCTS provides several ways to import or export NC information, including:

  • Importing can be done via MS Excel or XML.
  • Exporting can be done via XML or Zipfile archives.

For example, the XML Interface is now configured on several ESA projects to provide near real-time data sharing with their Primes (e.g. EADS Astrium, Thales Alenia Space).

NCTS provides the following functionality:

  • Creating, tracking and closing-out NCs.
  • Linking NCs
  • Attaching supporting documentation
  • Change log
  • Notifying NRB Participants
  • Holding Internal/Customer NRBs.
  • Assigning actions
  • Search for NCs or Actions
  • Generate NC Details and Status Reports
  • Import/Export (XML)
  • Import (MS Excel)
  • Export (Zipfile Archive)

The tool provides the following overall benefits:

  • Centralised access to all NC-related information
  • Efficient tracking and monitoring of NCs from initiation to Internal/Customer NRB(s) to close-out
  • Faster turnaround, due to paper-less NC handling
  • ECSS-compliant tool
  • Multiple import/export interfaces available

Specifically for ESA or Industry PA Managers, the tool offers the following advantages:

  • Multiple Internal and Customer NRBs
  • Action tracking
  • NRB notification
  • NC close-out
  • Document attachments
  • Initiator, Customer and Prime classification of NCs
  • Reports: NCR Description and Status List

For more information, please contact:

Raffaele Campagnuolo
NCTS Release Manager/ESA Focal Point
Product Assurance & Safety Department (ESA TEC-QQM)

Keplerlaan 1
2200 AG Noordwijk
The Netherlands

Phone:+31 71 565 6835
Fax: +31 71 565 4798
E-mail: Raffaele.Campagnuolo _at_

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