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Method and Telemetric Device for Resampling Time Series Data

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560 - Abstract:
The European Space Agency (ESA) has developed a method and apparatus for resampling time series data. This technology can be used in transport, electric and communications industries to perform data analysis with and reduced CPU and bandwith usage. License agreement collaboration is sought.


This technology describes both a data resampling method and a telemetric device for carrying out said

method. The current problem is that the data transmission bandwidth and CPU usage for telemetric data analysis are too high to maintain a good reliance between precision and bandwidth. With this method, instead of generating lots of data it is possible to obtain information and at the same time reduce the usage of bandwidth. This separation between data and information is possible due to a lossy compression method with a maximum configurable error. The resulting resampled time series guarantees that the error made is not bigger than the configured one at any given point.

Innovations and advantages:

The main benefits of this invention are:

  • Reduced bandwidth and amount of samples required in order to maintain a high information rate.
  • Both CPU and channel requirements are reduced.
  • Adaptable compression rate defined by a configurable maximum error.
  • No compression codes used.
  • No decompression needed.
  • The outputted information has the same format as the original information, so it may be used directly at reception.

Commercialisation aspects:

Applications and Markets

This invention may be used in systems and devices in order to reduce the processing and bandwidth requirements. Some examples may be sensors, telecom systems such as mobile phones and other applications such as traffic monitoring and energy production/distribution. Also Earth observation applications (such as cartography, weather forecasting or other kind of investigations) medical applications, systems processing high amounts of data such as Internet search engines or even in remote systems such as robotics, military applications or remote controlled vehicles.


Intellectual property status

Currently patented and looking for license agreements or co-development agreements linked to license agreements for adapting the invention to any specific application.

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