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(OBDH stands for "On-Board Data Handling")

The DOCC (DHS On-board Communication Controller) core features Control and Remote Terminal (CT/RT) functionality for OBDH (On-board Data Handling), DHS (Data Handling System, PSS-04-255) and RTU-kernel.

Area/Speed Results

Actel RT54SX72S: 1344 (comb.) / 541 (sequential)

Developers and Contributors

DOCC Block Diagram
DOCC Block Diagram

* Luis Berrojo, 1996
* Pedro Rodriguez, Alcatel Alenia Space, 2000

Current Release

version 2.0, 22-Dec-2005

For a history of bug reports and fixes, modifications, upgrades, etc, please refer to the OBDH IP Core Release Notes.

Special licensing restrictions

ESA can grant licenses for the use of the OBDH IP core for space applications only.

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