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Radio Frequency Systems

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The Radio Frequency Systems Division (TEC-ES) is responsible for RF end-to-end systems and associated laboratory facilities. More specifically:

Radio navigation systems and techniques for both the space and ground segment including engineering tools, receivers, signal processing, navigation algorithms, securitytechniques and technologies, formation flying RF metrology.

Radio navigation systems implementation and verification activities, service preparation and the navigation ground segment implementation aspects.

Telecommunication systems and techniques, for both the space and ground segment including engineering tools, digital communication techniques, signal processing, networks and protocols, telecommunication equipment, security techniques and technologies.

Telemetry, tracking and control systems, including system tools, deep space and near Earth transponders, proximity link, high speed downlink modulators, digital communication techniques, signal processing techniques and secure communication techniques.

Specification, design, development and testing of pre-commercial and commercial user segment and dedicated test facilities for telecom, navigation and Earth observation.