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Satellite altimetry method and system with Doppler effect compensation

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543 - Abstract of the offer:
The European Space Agency (ESA) has developed a satellite altimetry method and system with delay-Doppler effect compensation. This technology allows a high spatial-temporal sampling of the Earth’s surface. The developed technology can be used for ocean altimetry and can for instance be applied in the oceanography and meteorology industries. License agreement collaborations are sought.

Description of the offer:

This satellite altimetry method is a passive reflectometry and interferometry system (PARIS) with a Doppler effect compensation system. This signal correction, also called as range delay curvature compensation, provides an improved accuracy and a wider swath so that it can perform mesoscale altimetry, considered as 5 cm height precision over a spatial extent of 100 km.

PARIS altimetry consists of comparing global navigation satellite system signals reflected from the ocean's surface. This method is applied by using a system receiver on a satellite that receives a temporary signal from a second satellite reflected by the Earth. These waveforms are being computed, obtaining an elevation profile of the surface of the Earth from where the signals have been reflected. This computation is done by applying three steps: determining the correlations waveforms, introducing a Doppler frequency-dependent temporal shift and summing up the modified waveforms.

Innovations and advantages:

This satellite-based altimetry method includes an innovative signal compensation that significantly improves precision, so that it can be used for mesoscale altimetry.

Domain of Application:

This technology could be used in meteorology and safety industries.

  • Defence communications
  • Microwave and satellite components (including antennas and amplifiers)
  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry and Related Products

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