Leo PCDU Engineering Model
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Leo PCDU Evolution Engineering Model (EM) in the range <1kW for EO and Science satellites

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ESA / Enabling & Support / Space Engineering & Technology / Shaping the Future
 Programme:  GSTP  Achieved TRL:  5
 Reference:  G627-038EP  Closure:  2016
 Contractor(s):  CRISA (ES)

This activity aims at extending the competitiveness of the already consolidated LeoPCDU product for missions in the range of < 1 kW, fully in line with the market requirement trends and the evolution observed in the products of Crisa’s competitors. The idea behind this modularity is to get the optimum power control and distribution unit (PCDU) architecture from the recurrent cost, electrical, mechanical, and thermal behavior points of view, as well as an optimum and modular easy to manufacture concept, easy to repair in case of need.

To develop a reduced version of a new Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit intended to serve the needs of spacecraft with power requirements in the range of ~500W to < 1 kW.

An Engineering Model has been manufactured for design validation. The engineering model unit has been tested including the Electrostatic Discharge & Electromagnetic Compatibility tests.

The results of this activity consolidate Crisa’s position as a key PCDU supplier for low to medium power mission - 5 LeoPCDU-EVO.

Next steps
Engineering model Thermal Test in reduced temperature range and Proto Flight Model testing to complete the PCDU product qualification.

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