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New call for AI, Cybersecurity and Digital Engineering ideas

07/05/2019 1088 views 3 likes
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We want to start a conversation about where space technology is heading.

This week, the GSTP has opened four new calls for ideas to help kickstart a dialogue with industry, and academia.

This novel call to external entities, which replaces the previous invitation to tender process (ITT),  will be used to raise awareness on the current needs and technology challenges of industry.

Currently, the calls are only open in four theme areas: Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-safety/-security, Digital Design to Produce and Operations Innovation.

Ideas for new technology developments can range from unorthodox methods to protect the world’s infrastructure from hacked space systems, to innovative uses for the internet of things.

Your suggestions can be submitted through the new open innovation platform (OSIP) before 28 May 2019.

After the closure date, submissions will be evaluated and the most innovative will be taken forward as future technology development activities.


You may also be interested in attending our Digital Technologies Working Days event in Estonia, 18-19 June 2019

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