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Space Engineering and Technology Final Presentation Days (SET-FPDs) November 2018

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The November 2018 Space Engineering and Technology Final Presentation Days (SET-FPDs) took place on 13th and 14th November 2018 in the ERASMUS Building at ESTEC.

The event focussed on technologies related to Exploration.
Industry and Academia contributed to the event by presenting their final results of technology developments within ESA's technology programmes TDE (Technology Development Element) and GSTP (General Support Technology Programme).

The final presentations were complemented by ESA presentations and plenary sessions with industry and agencies.

The opportunity to meet the ESA Technology Programmes teams of TDE, GSTP, E3P and ExPERT to discuss about on-going and future R&D activities as well as representatives from the ESA Technology Transfer Office to discuss about technology transfer opportunities was well received.

Guided tours of the ESA Human Robotic Interaction, Planetary Robotics and Orbital Robotics and GNC laboratories or Life Support & Physical Sciences Instrumentation (LIS) laboratories closed the event.

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