Next Generation Space Digital Signal Processor (NGDSP)

The demand for digital signal processing from on-board applications in Earth observation, science and telecommunication is continuously growing and will do so for the foreseeable future. The currently available European radiation-hard DSP processor (TSC21020F) is lacking the performance needed for many future applications, and ASIC or FPGA based developments are necessary to bridge the performance gap at higher cost and with other associated drawbacks. The need for a high performance space qualified DSP is clearly identified and ESA, through TEC-EDP, is actively pursuing the development of a Next Generation Device.

The community needs and NGDSP development options have been addressed at the ADCSS2007 workshop, which hosted an ESA Round Table on Next Generation Processor for Onboard Payload Data Processing Application. A synthesis document on this workshop is available (see related Synthesis document), which summarizes the discussions, NGDSP requirements, and identified development options.

At ADCSS 2009, a first overview of activities implemented as a consequence of the NGDSP round table recommendations has been presented (see corresponding presentation).

A list of related ongoing or completed activities is available via the Ongoing Activities and Completed Activities navigation bars in the main menu.

Last update: 2 July 2012

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