ESA Business Incubation: Applying

ESA Business Incubation has an open call for proposals, which means that applications can be submitted at any time. The application procedures is the same for all four ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme’s Business Incubation Centres (BICs).

Business Incubation is available at the following sites: BIC ESTEC in the Netherlands, BIC ESOC in Germany, BIC ESRIN in Italy and BIC Oberpfaffenhofen in Germany.

The formal application procedure is explained in the application and the templates provided should be downloaded and used for the application.

The main requirement for acceptance in ESA’s Business Incubation scheme is that the applicant’s product or service is based on a transfer of space technology, and/or the utilisation of a space system in a non-space environment.

The complete proposal, together with all supporting documents, should be submitted electronically and by mail to the specific site of interest at one of the following addresses:

  • ESA Business Incubation Centre at ESTEC (The Netherlands)

    Mr. Javier Delgado Meana (RES-PTE)
    P.O. Box 299
    2200 AG Noordwijk ZH
    The Netherlands
    or to:
    email: niels.eldering @

  • ESA Business Incubation Centr at ESOC (Germany)

    Mr. Frank Zimmermann, Managing Director
    cesah GmbH Centrum für Satellitennavigation Hessen
    Robert-Bosch-Strasse 7
    64293 Darmstadt
    email: incubation @

  • ESA Business Incubation at ESRIN (Italy)

    Mr. Roberto Giuliani, EBI-Italy Project Manager
    BIC Lazio SpA, Incubatore ITech
    Via Giacomo Peroni 444
    I-00131 Roma
    email: ebi-italy @ with copy to ebi-italy @

  • ESA Business Incubator Centre at Oberpfaffenhofen (Germany)

    ESA BIC Oberpfaffenhofen
    c/o Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen
    Friedrichshafener Straße 1
    D-82205 Gilching

If you have any questions relevant to the submission of your proposal, please contact us at ttp @ or directly at one of the ESA Business Incubation Centres.

Last update: 31 August 2009

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