Components laboratory
Components laboratory

What applications and missions does EEE Components enable?

The work carried out in the area of components is not only instrumental for the implementation of ESA projects but for the European space industry in general be it on a national level or for commercial ventures. It is aimed at enhancing the competitive position of all European-made spacecraft and on-board systems by decreasing the dependence on non-European sources of supply for strategic technologies.

In-orbit demonstration represents a key element in the process of maturing and mastering new component technologies for their ultimate use in operational satellite systems. Within ESA several in-orbit demonstrator programmes are ready to launch or under development. The Proba-2 satellite is a technology demonstrator set to test fly a number of innovative components, while a tentative asteroid exploration mission called NEOMEX has been proposed as a means of investigating the potential of multiple MEMS components in system applications, as a way of maximising the benefits of the MEMS building blocks.

These examples represent the final step in the end-to-end process from promising novel ‘rupture technologies’ to introduction of flightworthy new EEE components in mainstream satellite programmes.

Last update: 18 November 2009

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