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ESA contributes to shaping life science in the 21st century

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ESA joins forces with 1500 high ranking experts from science, society and industry to contribute to the world's largest life science forum of the year: BioVision 2005 in Lyon, France, from 11 to 15 April.

The aim of BioVision is to address vital life science issues facing our world today, and to bring experts together with policy-makers, ethicists, researchers, consumer representatives, NGO’s and media to foster a fruitful dialogue.

Prestigious guest-speakers will introduce visions of cooperation at all levels in the targeted areas of healthcare, agriculture and the environment. ESA astronaut and medical doctor André Kuipers will be one of them, introducing the benefits of space research during the Bio-Visionaries Closing Plenary Session.

ESA also provides more in-depth information to the life science community at BioSquare, the international partnering convention combined with BioVision. Aimed at bringing biotechology, research and large corporations together, BioSquare is the perfect arena for ESA to present its achievements in the area of biotechnology research in weightlessness and to attract biotechnology firms for future cooperation.

ESA’s stand at BioSquare - a cooperation between ESA and its Commercial Agent, ISS Lab Ruhr GmbH - can be found in booth M6. Scientists and specialists from ESA and ISS Lab Ruhr GmbH are available throughout the conference to discuss applied research opportunities in weightlessness on the International Space Station.

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