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Using human spaceflight to encourage interest in science and technology
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What we do & Why we do it

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Contributing to a scientifically literate society

Education is a fundamental part of the mandate of ESA. The Agency is conscious that it can play a significant role in contributing to a scientifically literate and aware society, and that it has both a responsibility and a vested interest in doing so.

Space for Europe

The International Space Station (ISS) Education Programme makes use of human spaceflight, and ISS, as a means to capture the attention and the interest of students, to attract them to study, in particular, scientific and technical disciplines, and to appreciate and understand the benefits, challenges, and importance of space for Europe.

Educational products

We focus on providing a range of educational activities and material for primary, secondary, and university students, and their teachers. This includes the development and dissemination of teaching material, as well as supporting student experiments to be executed on board the ISS and other spacecraft.


The work of the ISS Education Programme is supported by the ISS Education Fund, as well as by ESA.