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COROT satellite
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COROT spacecraft

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The COROT spacecraft consists of a platform (Proteus) already used by CNES for low-Earth-orbiting satellites, upon which the telescope and two cameras for scientific investigations are mounted.

COROT in a nutshell
Launch mass 630 kilograms
Dimensions 4.2 metres high
9 metres wide (with deployed solar arrays)
Power 530 Watts
Telemetry 1.5 Gbit per day
Mass memory capacity 2 Gbit
Pointing accuracy 0.5 arcseconds
Orbit Earth polar circular orbit
90ยบ degrees inclination
896 kilometres altitude
Mission duration 3 years nominal
Extended until 31 March 2013
Prime Contractor Alcatel Alenia Space
Ground stations Kiruna (S), Aussaguel (F),
Hartebeesthoek (South Africa), Kourou (French Guyana), with mission-specific ground stations in Alcantara (Brazil) and Vienna (A).
COROT satellite
COROT satellite

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