How to do business with ESA

The procurement activities are an essential element at ESA where the target is to redistribute 85% of its budget in the form of contracts awarded to industry.

For the year 2011 the procurement activities of ESA can be summarized as follows:

- 604 Invitations to Tender issued of which:

  • 363 open competitions,
  • 6 restricted tenders,
  • 235 direct negotiations.


 - 4582 contract actions initiated of which:

  • 1494 new contracts,
  • 51 riders,
  • 353 work orders,


 - 2684 contract change notices.

 The various “Topics” of this “How to do business with ESA” will guide newcomers in their preliminary approach of getting acquainted with procurement at ESA.

Last update: 19 July 2013

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