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ISD 2018 presentations

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Presentations given at ESA's Industry Space Days on 11–12 September 2018 at ESA ESTEC in Noordwijk, the Netherlands can be downloaded via the links below:

Tuesday 11 September:

The ESA SME Initiative
Jens KAUFFMANN • Head of the SME Office, Directorate of Industry, Procurement and Legal Services • ESA

Financing investments in space – possibilities of EIB support
Harald GRUBER • Head of the Digital Infrastructure Division • European Investment Bank (EIB)

SME4SPACE, the voice of SMEs in the European space sector

Future perspectives: Eurospace views
Giuseppe MORSILLO • Secretary General • Eurospace

The ESA Science future missions and their preparation
Marcos BAVDAZ • Head of the Technology Preparation Section, Future Missions Dep., Science Directorate • ESA

Future challenges and opportunities in space operations
Reinhold BERTRAND • Head of the Research & Technology Management Office, Directorate of Operations • ESA

TEC laboratories: competences and facilities for your needs
Alessandro COZZANI • Head of the Infrastructure Management Section, Directorate of Technology, Engineering & Quality • ESA

ESA Business Applications
Rita RINALDO • Head of the Institutional Projects Section, Downstream Business Applications Department • ESA

Doing business with ESA: the procurement perspective
Gian Lorenzo CASINI • Head of the Electro Engineering and System Procurement Service, Directorate of Industry, Procurement and Legal Services • ESA

CubeSats: the ESA perspective
Roger WALKER • Systems Engineer, Directorate of Technology, Engineering & Quality • ESA

CubeSat Industry perspective

CubeSat Industry perspective

CubeSat Industry perspective
Clyde Space

HyperScout hyperspectral imager on GOMX-4B

Multi-spectral imager on PICASSO

FEEP propulsion

Solar Array Drive Mechanism

Reflectarray High Gain Antenna

Wednesday 12 September

Commercial Partnerships for Space Exploration - Interactive Exchange with 3 Partners
Bernhard HUFENBACH • Leader of Strategy and Innovation Team, Directorate of Human and Robotic Exploration • ESA

Our expertise for your experiment - Icecubes
Hilde STENUIT, Space Applications Service

Christian STEIMLE, Airbus

Space Economy and new ways to spur innovation: ESA Grand Challenge
Luca DEL MONTE • Head of Industrial Policy and SME Division, Directorate of Industry, Procurement and Legal Services • ESA

NAVISP: engaging with the PNT SME ecosystem
Alessandra FIUMARA • Manager of NAVISP Element 2, Directorate of Navigation • ESA

Earth Observation activities
Amanda REGAN • Head of Phi-lab Invest Office, Directorate of Earth Observation • ESA

Technology Transfer support at ESA
Aude DE CLERCQ • Technology Transfer Officer, Directorate of Technology, Engineering & Quality • ESA

Newspace Factory: a reboost of the French supply chain
Grégory PRADELS • Aerospace Valley

The evolution of ESA's Industrial Policy
Eric MOREL DE WESTGAVER • Director of Industry, Procurement and Legal Services • ESA

Compliant cost rates and overheads for ESA contracts
Paolo PONZIO • Industrial Cost Analyst, Directorate of Industry, Procurement and Legal Services • ESA

Workshop on additive and advanced manufacturing technologies & digitalisation of the E2E development process
Thomas ROHR • Head of Materials and Processes Section and Ilaria Roma Systes and Concurrent Engineering Section • ESA

Airbus industrial policy strategy and supply chain presentation
Thierry GARDET and Rodolphe PARIS

The M3 PLATO Mission - Agency, Industry and research institution collaboration in science projects
Thomas WALLOSCHEK • Spacecraft Engineering Manager, Plato Project, Directorate of Science • ESA

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