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SoCROCKET Virtual Platform - SystemC

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The SoCRocket Virtual Platform and SystemC modeling library provide models and tools for designing embedded systems for various applications. Primary use cases are design-space explorations at different levels of abstraction and development stages. Thanks to the built-in reconfiguration mechanism, hardware and software components can be parameterized without superfluous compilations and linking.

Virtual Platform

A Virtual Platform is a software based system that can fully mirror the functionality of a target System-on-Chip or board.
SoCRocket contains all the tools, mechanisms and interconnection infrastructure to allow SystemC IP models to cooperate together in a unified simulation environment.
For example it:

  • Allows the interconnection of TL and RTL models of the specified IPs
  • Provides a tool for the system- and high-level design phases of an embedded system, allowing HW/SW co-design and early system validation
  • Allows Integration, verification and debugging of hardware IPs
  • Allows early software development on the target architecture: debugging (such as access to registers, linking to source code, breakpointing, etc.), monitoring, and profiling of application software
  • Allows performance analysis: cycle count, transaction count, execution time, communication bandwidth and throughput and even power consumption
SoCRocket supported Design Flow
SoCRocket supported Design Flow

Included IP-Cores

The SoCRocket TLM Library is a common TLM 2.0 Library, but designed to simulate in particular designs of the Aeroflex Gaisler GRLib. The modeled TLM IP cores are modeled and verified TLM counterparts to the core components from the Aeroflex Gaisler library. Moreover the library is extendable with any needed IP Core.

SoCRocket SystemC IP-Cores
SoCRocket SystemC IP-Cores


TU Braunschweig, Germany (2012)
TERMA GmbH, Germany (2014)

Current Release

June 2014


The SoCRocket Virtual Platform is distributed under the GPL license and no handling fee is applied.

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