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Proba-2’s first achievements to be unveiled

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Proba-2 is among the smallest spacecraft ever launched by ESA – less than a cubic metre – but it prepares technologies for future ESA missions, as well as giving scientists a new view of the Sun.

Launched on 2 November 2009, Proba-2 is the result of European collaboration, with Belgian industry as a major participant. The objective of the mission is to test new spacecraft and instrument technology in space.


The satellite is equipped with a quartet of new science instruments focusing on solar and space weather. Belgium also has scientific responsibility for Proba-2’s two state-of-the-art solar telescopes, SWAP and LYRA, with the Czech Republic contributing the TPMU and DSLP space weather instruments.

Members of the press are invited to a presentation of Proba-2’s achievements and images. The Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) and the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence are hosting the event:


26 January 2010, 09:45 – 11:00 Meridian Room, Ringlaan 3, Av. Circulaire, B-1180 Brussels, Belgium


Proba-2 lifting off with SMOS
Proba-2 lifting off with SMOS

The event welcomes Belgian Minister of Science Sabine Laruelle and ESA Directors Michel Courtois and David Southwood. The programme will run as follows:

10:00 Three months in orbit – statements by Belgian Minister of Science Sabine Laruelle – ESA Director of Technical and Quality Management Michel Courtois – ESA Director of Science and Robotic Exploration David Southwood

10:15 Testing new spacecraft and instrument technology in flight – ESA Proba Manager Frederic Teston – Verhaert Commercial Director Frank Preud’homme

10:25 Solar and space weather observations: first achievements – Principal Investigator SWAP David Berghmans, ROB scientist – Principal Investigator LYRA Jean-Francois Hochedez, ROB scientist - DSLP Štěpán Štverák, Czech Institute of Atmospheric Physics scientist

10:35 Question & Answer session

10:50 Opportunity for individual interviews

11:00 Drinks

Interviews with the directors and representatives from the Proba-2 consortium can be arranged at the event on an individual basis.

Further information

Please confirm your attendance before Sunday evening 24 January 2010 by replying to Sophie.Raynal @

For further information, please contact:

Ninja Menning
European Space Agency
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Tel: +31 71 565 6409

Petra Vanlommel
Royal Observatory of Belgium
petra.vanlommel @
Tel: +31 2 7903921

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