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Proba-V is a miniaturised ESA satellite tasked with a full-scale mission: to map land cover and vegetation growth across the entire planet every two days.

Prova-V facts and figures
Proba-V facts and figures
Launch date: 6/7 May 2013 (04:06:31 CEST 7 May; 23:06:31 local time 6 May)
Mass: 140 kg
Orbit: Sun-synchronous polar orbit, 820 km altitude, crossing the equator every morning between 10:30 and 11:00 local time
Instrument: New version of the Vegetation imager previously flown on the Spot satellites
Guest technology payloads: Gallium nitride amplifier incorporated in communication subsystem; Energetic Particle Telescope; SATRAM radiation monitor, ADS-B aircraft signal detector; fibre optic photonics experiment
Prime contractor: QinetiQ Space Belgium
Payload developer: OIP Sensor Systems
Ground segment:

Satellite’s mission control centre in Redu, Belgium complemented by a ground station for data reception, and a processing and archiving centre at VITO in Belgium.

The exploitation phase of Proba-V will be managed by ESA from ESRIN, ESA’s Earth observation centre in Italy.

Launcher: Vega

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