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Commercial Ground & User Segment Projects

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Logo Land Analytics Earth Observation Platform (LAEOP) Indra
Logo Multi-GNSS Simulation & Test Environment (MGSE) TeleOrbit, Fraunhofer IIS, TeleConsult
Logo Multi-mission Direct Access Terminal for PAZ, TerraSAR-X and other Satellites (M-DAT) Indra, Hisdesat
Logo GNSS Recorder for Anti Spoofing (GRAS) CGI, Folkline Enterprises, NLR, FGI
GNSS HIL Simulation Stella NGC M3Systems
QA707 Real Time SDR Simulator Qascom
GNSS Data Acquisition and Replay System (GDARS) Saphyrion
Advanced GNSS Reference Station (R3B) Indra, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Secure Tracking Services (S-TrackS) CGI, Sintecs, FGI
Multi GNSS Reference Station (MGRS) CapGemini, OMP