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European and Canadian SMEs reach outstanding results in ESA Programmes

ESA spotlight on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

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Starting from May 2001, the ESA Industry Web Site will present successful Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) and describe its experience of working in the space sector.

The idea is to present how SMEs can achieve outstanding results through their participation in ESA Programmes.

The companies selected will have successfully completed a contract with ESA and will have used the experience gained to strengthen their competitiveness in Europe, and in many cases worldwide.

Some of these SMEs have shown that participating in ESA programmes can lead to the build-up and creation of solid foundations for future business and commercial expansion in today's highly demanding business environment.

Presenting their success stories to a larger audience will show how well SMEs are doing in the space business and also illustrate the potential opportunities to be gained by working with ESA. The experience of these SMEs may provide an incentive for other similar-sized companies with high technology potential.

Initially, two small SMEs located in Belgium and Switzerland, will be presented. For both these SMEs, projects with ESA have played an important role in the build up of their companies and each has, within their field of business, managed to create and make good use of a series of opportunities initiated by their work in space projects.

The articles will appear on the SME website in the section "SME Achievements".

ESA initiative to strengthen SMEs

In 1998, ESA created the "SME Initiative", aimed at encouraging small and medium-size enterprises to become involved in ESA activities. This was in response to the mandate approved by the ESA Council at ministerial level in March 1997, calling upon the Director General to set aside a special place for SMEs in the Agency's activities and to provide balanced access to ESA's technology activities by:


  • making firm provision to involve SMEs in the definition of the Agency's technology development work plan.
  • tailoring the rules on co-financing to the size of SMEs.
  • offering SMEs technical support from ESA experts and laboratories when necessary to develop their particular specialities.

For more details, refer to the SME Initiative.

The European Space Directory (ESID) presents space companies in Europe and Canada.
The European Space Directory (ESID) presents space companies in Europe and Canada.

For a list of SMEs registered with ESA as potential tenderers refer to EMITS, ESA’s online electronic invitation to tender system.

Visit also the European Space Industry Directory (ESID) for presentations of European industry, including SMEs, operating in the space sector.

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