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This list shows the entities that have expressed interest in the current ITT/IITT and have chosen Public visibility. The list can be generated by clicking on the "Current expressions of interest" link, which appears when the ITT/IITT data is shown. The list is divided into two parts:


  1. Companies having expressed interest through EMITS
  2. Companies considered by ESA as being able to compete for all or part of the intended procurement


Note that "Expressions of Interest" are considered public unless another visibility option has been chosen.

If your Entity (even through a different EMITS username) has expressed interest in this item, the name of your Entity will be shown in red. However, it will only be visible to other users if it was marked as public. If another visibility option was chosen, your Entity is shown here for your convenience only, and the selected visibility option will be indicated. A list of other EMITS users, if any, that have expressed interest in this item will also be shown.

In order to allow potential bidders to have a good understanding of possible partners for procurement, the interested Entities are classified under the following categories:

  • Large
    Companies with a combined staff of 250 or more, or an annual turnover equal to or greater than 50M EUR
  • Small
    Companies with a combined staff of less than 250 and an annual turnover of less than 50M EUR
  • SME
    Small and medium-sized companies that are independent of large companies. (Definition as per Recommendation of the European Commission 2003/361/EC of 6 May 2003 (OJ L 124, 20.5.2003, p.36))
  • R&D
    Universities, Laboratories, Research Centres
  • Other


The following options are available for the visibility of:

ESA Invitations To Tender:

  • Public: everyone can see the expression of interest
  • ESA: Only ESA can see the expression of interest


Entities Invitations To Tender:

  • Public: everyone can see the expression of interest
  • ESA/Entity: Only ESA and the Entity that has published the Invitation To Tender can see the expression of interest


In the above cases the EMITS userid is shown only for interests expressed by users of the same company of the user logged in. ESA Staff can see all EMITS userids.

The list also indicates the type of Entity, whether the Entity is interested as a prime or a sub-contractor, and its specialization area.

This list can also be printed via the "Print including Specialization Area details" button at the bottom of the list.


The expression of interest is not mandatory, but it allows the users to be informed of any modification in the intended procurement and to be notified via e-mail when the ITT is issued.
Users are invited, when using the Expression of Interest, to choose the option that provides visibility of their interest to other users.

The Status of the ITT/IITT indicates whether you are allowed to express an interest, i.e., Awarded, Cancelled, or Restricted Invitations To Tender will not allow you to express your interest.

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