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The Work Area List is a list of ITT/IITTs in which you have shown interest during the current EMITS session. You can access the Work Area List either immediately after you express an interest in an ITT/IITT or from the left Navigator bar by clicking the "Management of Expression of Interest" link.


In the Work Area List you can specify:

  • Whether you intend to bid as a Prime or as a Subcontractor or Either (i.e., your Role).
  • Whether you want your interest to be Public (i.e., known to everyone) or only known to ESA (or to ESA/Entity if it is an Entity's ITT/IITT).
  • Whether you want to include Specialization information about your company. These are details about specialist areas, topics and services. Internet addresses included in the text will become active to other readers. Users are encouraged to use this facility to complement the information on their products & capabilities.


Click the "Transfer" button to confirm that you want to express an interest in the checked ITT/IITTs. These are then published and you can find them in your Online List.


To remove an ITT/IITT from the Work Area list, you can simply untick its box.

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