Introduction to ESA Costing Software

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To do business with companies, ESA has developed a procedure and an associated ESA Costing Software tool called ECOS for aggregating and calculating the price elements of the financial proposals through the entire contractual chain (see When to use ECOS).

By using the ESA Costing Software, or ECOS, the price proposal work is partitioned through the industrial structure, and the proposals are generated and integrated to higher levels electronically.

The information presented conforms to the ESA standard costing and pricing requirements introduced in the ESA Conditions to Tender, and represented by the ESA PSS-A forms (Procedures, Standards and Specifications).

The software package is distributed free of charge to companies doing business with ESA.

A Self-Training Manual can also be downloaded and ESA periodically organises free training courses at ESA ESTEC, in the Netherlands. Before training, it is advised to download the additional information provided here

Click here to see a flow chart overview of the ECOS process.

Click here to access the ECOS Quick Start Reference Card, and here to download guidelines on submitting an ECOS proposal, for a basic introduction to your ECOS environment.

ECOS is under the responsibility of the ESA Cost Engineering Section (TEC-SYC).

Contact the ECOS Help desk

ECOS Help Desk
Telephone: +31 (0)71 565 6500

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