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GOME-2 block diagram and electrical interfaces

GOME-2 control and data handling system

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The Control and Data Handling System is built by the Control and Data Handling Unit (CDHU) and the GOME Power Distribution Unit (GPDU). All electrical and operational interfaces to GOME-2 are routed through the Control and Data Handling Unit (CDHU).

Within this unit, a primary processor is responsible for all Instrument Control Unit (ICU) functions such as the:

  • reception and expansion of macro commands
  • maintenance of history file
  • monitoring of instrument parameters
  • preparation of housekeeping telemetry formats

The ICU controls the operation of the Scan Unit via a bi-directional serial interface and provides each of the four FPA thermoelectric coolers with an individual thermal-control loop. A secondary processor controlling the Science Data Management board takes care of:

  • science data collection
  • processing
  • packetisation of data (where the layout of data in these packets has been predefined)

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