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S4S is a private not-for-profit organization, legally incorporated under the Belgian Law, whose aims are: 

  • carrying out research activities in space, innovative and related sectors;
  • defining and defending common positions; representing the SMEs with public authorities i.e. the European Space Agency, the European Union and its related agencies;
  • organising seminars and information sessions;
  • organising a network of SMEs in order to increase the possibilities for cooperation and related activities.

S4S presently consists of 12 Working Members (Associations/Clusters): Aerospace Valley – France; AIPAS - Italy; Czech Space Alliance - Czech Republic; GLAE - Luxembourg; Hungarian Space Cluster - Hungary; Hellenic Association of Space Industry - Greece; Lithuania National Space Association - Lithuania; Madrid Aerospace Cluster – Spain; SME Forum - UK; SpaceNed – The Netherlands; Space PL – Poland; VRI - Belgium; and 1 Individual Company Member: Arquimea Ingenieria - Spain.

SME4SPACE VZW is the ideal partner for carrying out dissemination activities especially with respect to SMEs, thanks to its international profile and its capacity to represent the interests of a network of space SMEs (more than 350) covering 12 European Countries. Furthermore, each member has a network of contacts with other companies, Universities or Associations of their own Country and abroad, thanks to which it is possible to extent the geographical coverage. SME4SPACE VZW has a deep experience in the organization of events and research activities: among the others it is worth to mention the EU SME Week in 2009 and SPACE4SME, a research programme commissioned by ESA (2007-2009). S4S is currently engaged in ITACA (Innovation Technologies and Applications for Coastal Archaeological sites) a 27 months EU FP7 Project which has started in January 2014. In the framework of this project SME4SPACE will carry out some dissemination activities among other tasks.

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