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Contracts that are being initiated under the ARTES Element 5 Initiative: "Satellite Communications System Elements and Technologies - Opportunities for Start-Up Companies" are listed below:

Activity name: FleetNav
Company: ComNova (Germany)
email: Thomas Juelg
Applications field: Seamless transport tracking based on software receiver.
ESA contact: Jean-luc Gerner
tel: +31 (0)71 565 4473

Activity name: Internet-based Satellite Tracking
Company: SecTrack NV (Belgium))
email: Erwin Vandendriessche
Applications field: Tracking with Message Data Terminal and sensor equipment and centralised added value functions.
ESA contact: Juan Carlos De Mateo
tel: +31 (0)71 565 4917

Activity name: MASSAO: Special Aircraft Operations
Company: Euro Telematik AG (Germany)
email: Hugo Zunker
Applications field: European-wide niche market opportunity, supervision of special aircraft operations through combined application of navigation and satcom.
ESA contact: Jonathan Martin
tel: +31 (0)71 565 5872

Activity name: Novacom Infomobility Service
Company: Novacom (France)
email: Muller
Applications field: Communication/navigation satellite-based tracking services for public use.
ESA contact: Alberto Garcia
tel: +31 (0)71 565 4886

Activity name: NAVIndoor (stage 2)
Company: Space Systems Finland Ltd. (Finland)
email: Jari Parviainen
Applications field: Complete demonstration of an indoor navigation system making use of GPS/Galileo-like pseudolites.
ESA contact: Michel Tossaint
tel: +31 (0)71 565 5517

Activity name: LOBAS (Location Based Services Provisioning)
Company: Tekever(Portugal)
email: Pedro Sinogras
Applications field: Location-based application server with emphasis on software development and application demonstration.
ESA contact: Jonathan Martin
tel: +31 (0)71 565 5872

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