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Sentinel Collaborative Ground Segment

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The Sentinel Collaborative Ground Segment complements the exploitation of the Sentinel missions in a number of areas, such as:

  • Data acquisition and (near-) realtime production. Local ground stations are configured to receive Sentinel data as the satellite passes overhead.


  • Complementary products and algorithm definitions – these ‘collaborative data products’ may be tailored for regional coverage or specific applications. These types of products may extend the Sentinel core product chains.


  • Data dissemination and access, supporting redistribution of Sentinel core products by establishing additional pick-up points.


  • Development of innovative tools and applications.  


  • Complementary support to calibration/validation activities.


The Sentinel Collaborative Ground Segment is funded by third parties. It provides the basis for international cooperation, and is supported where necessary by generic interfaces and/or Copernicus Ground Segment interfaces.