ESA technology transfer support:
call for ideas and interest

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Companies and organisations from ESA European Member States and Canada are invited to submit their interest in providing support to the ESA Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO), and are also invited to submit ideas as to how such support should be implemented.

TTPO plans to place a contract, by open competitive tender, for assistance in its encouragement and support of technology transfer within ESA Member States from space technology developers to other industrial and commercial sectors. The goal of this activity is to maximise the level of technology transfer from space with quantifiable results.

The contract has an anticipated ceiling price of €4.2 million over a duration of anticipated 3 years planned to start May 2012. The Invitation to Tender (ITT) for this contract is envisaged to be published on EMITS in late 2011.

Ahead of issuing of the ITT, ESA TTPO is undertaking a consultation exercise to identify and pre-notify parties that may wish to be part of a bid for this upcoming contract. It is also being undertaken to solicit ideas that can shape the said ITT.

Responses – deadline: 14 September 2011

To declare an interest in responding to this ITT on technology transfer support, to respond with ideas, or to request further information, please send an e:mail to by 14 September 2011.

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