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The objective of the ESA Video Archive is to provide online access to a wide range of video material. Over the years ESA has produced and acquired this material, added it first to its tape-based archive now has converted much of this material to digital format for online viewing and/or download. From 2010 onwards, all new footage produced by the European Space Agency will be available in digital format from this site.

The site is targeted towards two distinct user groups, viz. the general public and professionals (e.g. broadcasters, producers, journalists, etc.). The former will have access to material presented as one integral video per production, while the latter will in addition have access to smaller clips in broadcast quality format. Access to the professional area requires registration and a login.

In addition to what is offered as online material in the ESA Video Archive, you may still search the tape achive to retrieve tape-based footage.

Registration for professionals

Registration is required for professionals only and can be achieved by completing the registration form. After submitting this form, the user will receive an e-mail with a link through which the account can be activated. After this a manual approval step is required from the side of ESA, which may involve contacting the user. Upon approval of the account, the user will receive another e-mail informing him/her accordingly. Registering as a professional requires agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and the Authorisation to use ESA footage.

Ordering by professionals

Ordering and downloading broadcast quality clips is restricted to professionals only. Clips can be added to the basket and once ready the order can be submitted and the clips will be ready for download. Please be aware of the following:

  • For each clip the usage restriction is indicated. At the moment this can be either Broadcast or Commercial. If Broadcast is indicated, this means that the clip can be used for that purpose only. As the registration for professionals involved agreeing to the Authorisation to use ESA footage, no separate license will be required in that case. If Commercial is indicated, this means that the clip may potentially be used for commercial purposes, but for this a separate license is ALWAYS required. A clip marked Commercial can however be used for broadcast purposes in which case the same rules apply as if it would have been marked Broadcast.
  • At the order confirmation step, the professional user is requested to tick or untick the checkbox indicating any planned commercial usage for any of the ordered items. Indicating commercial usage can of course only apply to clips marked Commercial (see previous point).
  • After submitting the order the clips will be available for immediate download no matter whether any planned commercial usage is indicated or not. However, when any commercial usage is indicated, the registered professional will be contacted to discuss the terms and conditions of the required license. The registered user will in addition receive a confirmation via e-mail. Be aware that indicating commercial usage implies paying a fee by default (see: Fees for non-broadcast use of ESA Video). Upon request ESA may also agree to enter into co-branding agreements (see: Co-branding agreements in conjunction with the use of ESA video material). In any case the actual usage of the clips for commercial purposes will ALWAYS require a separate license.
  • The broadcast quality format is IMX-30 for SD and IMX-60 for HD.

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