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Estrack 40th Anniversary Audio Contest

ESA is hosting the ‘Estrack 40th Anniversary Sound Contest’ and is inviting composers to submit their audio compositions, one of which will be selected as the new theme audio for ESA’s Estrack ground station network.

Entries may be submitted from 30 July to 31 August 2015. Deadline for entries is 10:00 GMT (12:00 CEST), 31 August 2015.

The first-, second- and third-place winners, plus seven runners up, will be announced on 18 September 2015, and the first-place winner will be awarded the grand prize. Smaller prizes will be awarded to the second through 10th-place winners.


Individuals or groups as defined below under ‘Eligible Participants’ are invited to submit their original audio composition together with a brief note describing the work. 

Submissions must be made via SoundCloud, and participants must agree to abide by the SoundCloud terms of use and community guidelines, as well as ESA’s terms and conditions.


Participants are invited to be creative and imaginative, and are welcome to include audio material from any ESA website/online content (or another source with proper permission of the owners).

Participants should make no more than one (1) submission per individual or per group, except that an individual who is also part of a group may be credited for two (2) submissions.

Submissions must be uploaded into an account in SoundCloud, and then added to the ‘Estrack 40th Anniversary Group’:


Once they have been added to this group, they will automatically be considered for judging. Submissions sent via any other channel will not be eligible.

You may wish to browse ESA’s SoundCloud channel via

Composition format, length and content

Compositions may be of any length, any genre and any style. However, the judges will look most favourably on submissions running two to four minutes and that incorporate or reflect one or more of the following themes:

  • Exploration of our Universe, our Galaxy, our Solar System and our home planet,
  • Scientific curiosity at the frontiers of human knowledge,
  • Deep-space communication through the cosmos.

The contest will be conducted in English. However, compositions may include vocals in any language.

ESA reserves the right to edit, amend, publish or not publish any submission.

Ownership, original works and permissions

By taking part, participants certify that:

  • Their submission is their, or their group’s, original work, or they have full legal right to use any portion that is not their original work.
  • They have permission from anyone identifiably shown in any related image(s) to publish those images.
  • They consent to ESA publishing the submitted composition, including any related images, together with participants’ names, home town(s) and social media name(s). If the submission is from a group, then participants agree to ESA publishing the group’s name or affiliated organisation name (if any). Publishing may include web, social media or any other channel with due credit and at no profit.
  • They consent to ESA reusing their submission in any derivative works, including but not limited to videos, movies and slideshows, and at events hosted by ESA. ESA agrees to include full credit in all such usage according to the works’ licence.

Participants agree to upload their submissions to SoundCloud, and to publish them under an appropriate Creative Commons (CC) license insofar as possible (see

Eligible participants

The Estrack 40th Anniversary Sound Contest is open to individuals and groups who meet the following conditions:

  • If an individual, must be at least 18 years of age on 31 August 2015, or must obtain the permission of a parent or legal guardian to participate.
  • If a group, must include at least one participant, the ‘group leader,’ who is at least 18 years of age on 31 August 2015.
  • Must live in, or be a citizen or permanent resident of, any of the following States:
    - ESA Member State
    - ESA Cooperating State
    - EU Member State
    - United States of America, Argentina or Australia
    - Russian Federation, Canada, Japan
    - People's Republic of China
    - Any other country that has hosted an ESA ground tracking station since 1975
    - Any other country whose spacecraft has been tracked by an ESA ground tracking station since 1975
  • Must not be an ESA regular staff member, or member of official delegation to ESA, nor a direct, onsite, full-time contractor for ESA, nor an immediate family member of any of the aforementioned.

Personal information

Upon request, individual participants or group leaders agree to provide ESA their first name, family name, phone number, email address, town/city, country and one or more social media names. Group leaders also agree to provide the names of all participants. ESA will safeguard that information according to the Agency’s standard data protection policies.

Any group leader may request that any group member’s name be withheld from publication, particularly if the group includes under-age members.


The judging panel will comprise selected members of the ESA Communication and Estrack operations and engineering teams. By entering, participants agree to accept and abide by the judges’ decisions and to accept the prizes as awarded. All decisions of the judges are final. 


The single grand prize will comprise an invitation to attend the Estrack 40th Anniversary VIP event to be held at Cebreros Tracking Station, Spain, on 24 September 2015. The grand prize comprises financial support for travel to/from Cebreros and accommodation consisting of actual flight and hotel costs to a maximum of €1500.

The grand prize will be awarded to only one individual; if a group submission wins, the group must nominate a member to accept the prize.

The two runners up (second & third place) prizes will consist of a full year subscription (‘Pro Unlimited’) to SoundCloud in the amount of US$135 each.

The seven Top Ten winners will receive a selection of ESA-branded promotional items.

All winners will have their submissions and SoundCloud channels widely promoted by ESA.

The winners will be announced publicly on Friday, 18 September 2015.

The grand prize winner will be notified privately on or around 4 September, so as to have enough time to make travel arrangements to travel to Spain on 24 September.


Participants agree that ESA is in no way liable for any claim for damages arising from any activity in connection with this contest.

Participants understand that the contest is being conducted on a ‘best-effort’ basis and may be modified, delayed or cancelled by ESA at any time.


Via social media: tweet questions using the #estrack40 hashtag

Via SoundCloud: Post a question to

Corporate Communication Office
ESA/ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany
Tel: +49 6151 90 0

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