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Computer Tools at the Automationand Robotics Section

The robotic section is equipped with state-of-the-art commercial Computer Tools to perform:

  • kinematic and dynamic simulation of robot systems (ROBCAD, IGRIP)
  • general Computer Aided Control System Design (MathCAD, MATLAB, 20Sim, SciLab)
  • Real-time control software development (VxWorks-Tornado, LynxOS, QNX, Linux-RTAI)
  • 3D visualisation development (INVENTOR)
  • Computer Vision application development (TargetJR)
  • Video production (Adobe Premiere, FinalCut PRO)

Furthermore a series of tools were purpose-developed at ESA by Contractors for

  • remote control of robots (FAMOUS, DREAMS)
  • robot operations planning (TAPAS)
  • robot motion visual simulation (3DRM)
  • terramechanics performance simulation (RCET)