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European Crew Personal Active Dosimeter (EuCPAD)

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609 - Abstract of the offer:

The ‘EuCPAD’ system allows for real time radiation recording of all persons working in an exposure field situation, with local resolution of their trajectories throughout the radiation field. Thanks to its high accuracy and its ability to deliver the data to other areas more remote to the field of or primary source exposure, it may find application in the nuclear, civil aviation or medical fields.

ESA is looking for partners who would be interested in licensing and implementing this patent.

 Fig 1. EuCPAD display on mobile unit
Fig 1. EuCPAD display on mobile unit

The radiation field in low earth orbit- as inside and outside the International Space Station is the most complex natural radiation environment encountered by humans. This complex field requires radiation detectors being able to provide and measure all the relevant radiation field parameters required for radiation risk assessment of the astronauts. This is accomplished by the European Crew Personal Active Dosimeter (EuCPAD). Having a measurement device capable of working in this harsh environment thereby qualifies the system for all relevant earth based applications.

Fig. 2 Mobile Unit pouch
Fig. 2 Mobile Unit pouch

It comes in two operational units, a Mobile Unit (MU) with four specific radiation detectors and display for reading the radiation levels, and the Personal Storage Device (PSD) for charging the batteries and transferring the data of the Mobile Unit – similar in purpose, but much more sophisticated, than a smartphone docking station.

Innovations and advantages:

  • This dosimeter is more calibration cross linked and more accurate than commercial active dosimeters.
  • It enables further delivery of data to other areas more remote to the field of primary source of exposure.
  • Known Dosimeters for ionising radiation are usually passive and need off line analysis for determination of side variables.
  • Neutron detection from thermal to GeV energy region

Domain of application:

The invention could be applied  in any activity were human beings are at risk to be exposed to ionizing radiation, such as military and civil pilots, cabin personal as stewardess, and medical personal such as doctor's nurses and assistants and researchers at e.g. accelerators or nuclear medicine Medical Pers. It also may find applications in law enforcement.