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Hardware facilities

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Many Gaisler HW boards are used in TEC-SWT - including, but not limited, to...

HW boards with Leon-based CPUs


Development platforms like the GR-RASTA racks are also used to host many of these boards.



FPGA-based boards

Custom HW designs are loaded in boards like the GR-CPCI-XC4V, which allow us to test custom CPUs with special instructions, or custom cache-policies, etc.



  • Serial cables used for debugging/monitoring
  • JTAG to directly control our boards
  • USB/relay gateways
  • SpaceWire cables
  • 1553 cables
  • etc

Custom devices

The set of HW devices we use also includes some custom components - e.g.

  • the SpW brick used to assist SpaceWire debugging
  • the Rapita tester allowing us to perform cycle-accurate execution timings
  • etc