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Software Technology Section (TEC-SWT)

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ESA / Enabling & Support / Space Engineering & Technology / Software Systems Engineering

The Software Technology Section (TEC-SWT), led by Christophe Honvault, is responsible to develop and promote SW methods, technologies and applications that are independent of their application field. The section supports projects in the application of these technologies.

The section is also in charge of the exploration and evaluation of promising new technologies for their potential application in space software projects - including but not limited to...

•    Requirements engineering and management
•    Security aspects
•    Data modelling and specification
•    Big Data technologies
•    Artificial Intelligence, non-deterministic and adaptive systems
•    Quantum Computing


The section is responsible for the maintenance and evolution of our internal facilities to support our activities (i.e. the software laboratory and relevant parts of the avionics laboratory).

It also supports TEC-led projects in all areas of the division.