STS-128 crew with <i>Discovery</i> on the launch pad
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Daily activities

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ESA / Science & Exploration / Human and Robotic Exploration / Alissé Mission

This is a summary of activities during Christer Fuglesang’s Alissé Mission and additional activities as part of the STS-128/17A mission. This does not provide a full explanation of all tasks being undertaken but provides an overview of the major tasks. The following timeline is also subject to change.

(For more detailed descriptions of the daily activities, download the ‘Daily activities’ section of the Alissé Mission Information Kit.)

Flight day 1

  • Launch
  • Configure Shuttle for on-orbit activities
  • Checkout of Shuttle robotic arm

Flight day 2:

  • Shuttle heat shield check using robotic arm and robotic arm extension
  • EVA preparations including EVA suit checks
  • ISS rendezvous preparations

Flight day 3:

  • Rendezvous and docking including Shuttle backflip manoeuvre
  • Hatch opening/Welcome
  • Shuttle Mid Deck/ISS Cargo Transfer

Flight day 4:

  • MPLM transfer from Shuttle Cargo Bay to Node 2
  • MPLM activation and hatch opening
  • Cargo transfer
  • Preparations for EVA 1
  • EVA astronauts ‘campout’ in Quest Airlock to help remove nitrogen from their bodies

Flight day 5:

  • EVA 1 (Olivas & Stott) – P1 truss Ammonia Tank Assembly removal, Columbus laboratory EuTEF external facility removal and MISSE experiment removal
  • MPLM cargo transfer – Treadmill, Crew Quarters, Atmospheric Revitalization System

Flight day 6:

  • MPLM cargo transfers – MELFI 2, Fluids Integrated Rack, Materials Science Laboratory in the Material Science Research Rack
  • Shuttle heat shield check
  • EVA 2 preparations
  • EVA astronauts ‘campout’ in Quest Airlock to help remove nitrogen from their bodies

Flight day 7:

  • EVA 2 (Olivas & Fuglesang) – New Ammonia Tank Installation on P1 truss, Old P1 Ammonia Tank stowage in Shuttle Cargo Bay
  • Cargo Transfers

Flight day 8:

  • Crew off-duty time
  • EVA 3 preparations
  • EVA astronauts ‘campout’ in Quest Airlock to help remove nitrogen from their bodies
  • Cargo transfers

Flight day 9:

  • EVA 3 (Olivas & Fuglesang) – S0 truss to Node 1 docking port cabling for Node 3, Rate Gyro Assembly replacement, Remote Power Control Module replacement, installation of Payload Attachment System on S3 Truss, Pressurised Mating Adaptor 3 heater cable configuration, LAN cable configuration, slidewire removal
  • Cargo transfers

Flight day 10:

  • Final MPLM cargo transfer operations between ISS and Shuttle
  • ESA VIP in-flight call
  • Node 2 docking port control panel assembly installation.
  • ISS Flight Engineer handover procedures

Flight day 11:

  • MPLM closeout/deactivation and hatch closure
  • MPLM undocked and moved to Shuttle cargo bay
  • Final transfer operations between ISS and Shuttle
  • Crew farewells, Shuttle crew into orbiter and close hatches
  • Orbiter Docking System leak check

Flight day 12:

  • Undocking
  • Station flyaround
  • Shuttle heat shield survey

Flight day 13:

  • Landing preparations

Flight day 14:

  • Landing preparations
  • Deorbit
  • Landing