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STS-134 mission original schedule

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ESA / Science & Exploration / Human and Robotic Exploration / DAMA mission

Flight Day 1
- Launch
- General support computer activation
- Shuttle Remote Manipulator System checkout

Flight Day 2
- Thermal protection system inspection
- EVA suits checkout
- Rendezvous preparation

Flight Day 3
- Rendezvous pitch manoeuvre
- Rendezvous and docking to ISS with Orion
  Relative Navigation System activation
- Hatch opening, ingress ISS, middeck transfers
- Deployment of Express Logistics Carrier 3

Flight Day 4
- Deploy AMS-02 from Shuttle and berth to
  ISS, using both the Space Station Remote
  Manipulator System and the Shuttle
  Remote Manipulator System
- First Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA-1) preparation

Flight Day 5
- EVA-1 by Feustel and Chamitoff. Each
  spacewalk will last about six hours
- Retrieve MISSE 7experiment containers
  from ISS and install them in Shuttle Bay
- Remove MISSE 8 experiment container
  from Shuttle Bay and install it on ISS
- Fluid line routing

Flight Day 6
- Focused inspection
- Water dump
- EVA-2 preparation

Flight Day 7
- EVA-2 by Feustel and Fincke
- Inspect and lubricate Port Solar Array
  Rotary Joint
- Fluid line routing and ammonia fill
- Water dump

Flight Day 8
- Late inspection with Orbiter Boom Sensor
  System with Endeavour still docked to the ISS
- Shuttle crew half day off-duty
- EVA-3 preparation

Flight Day 9
- EVA-3 by Feustel and Fincke
- Integrated Boom Assembly stowed on the
  truss orbital support equipment
- Swap Electrical Flight and Power & Data
  Grapple Fixture
- Perform preparation tasks on spare Special
  Purpose Dexterous Manipulator
- Middeck transfers

Flight Day 10
- Added flight day to accommodate work on the U.S. carbon dioxide removal system and other maintenance tasks.

Flight Day 11
- Off duty, crew conference
- Experiment stow, hatch close
- EVA-4 preparation

Flight Day 12
- EVA-4 by Fincke and Chamitoff
- Integrated Boom Assembly stowed on the
  truss orbital support equipment
- Undock from ISS
- Fly-around with Orion Relative Navigation
  System activation
- Re-rendezvous for Orion Relative
  Navigation System Test

Flight Day 13
- Flight Control Systems checkout
- Cabin stow
- Entry preparation

Flight Day 14
- Deorbit preparation
- Entry and landing

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