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Heads of ESA and Roscosmos discuss future of ExoMars

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On 12 March ESA Director General Jan Wörner and Roscosmos Director General Dmitry Rogozin will meet by videoconference to discuss the ExoMars project and its progress towards launch readiness.

Follow the press briefing after their discussions on ESA Web TV on Thursday 12 March at 12:00 CET (14:00 Moscow standard time).

Media will have the opportunity to ask questions to the ESA Director General, the Director of Human and Robotic Exploration, David Parker, and Francois Spoto, the ExoMars Team Leader. The press briefing will be streamed on ESA Web TV.

The ExoMars programme is a joint programme between ESA and Roscosmos and comprises two missions: the first – the Trace Gas Orbiter – launched in 2016 while the second comprises a rover and surface platform. Together they will address the question of whether life has ever existed on Mars.

Find out more on the ExoMars pages.

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