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Configuration of the ExoMars rover
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ExoMars rover cutout model

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Robotic missions to Mars will offer a deeper understanding of Mars's environment, pave the way for manned missions and contribute to their success.

ExoMars is the first Flagship Mission that is being studied under the Aurora Programme. Due to be launched in 2009, ExoMars will feature a rover and an exobiology payload, named after the French biologist Pasteur.

Below are links to a 1:15 scale cutout model of the ExoMars rover, designed in the Concurrent Design Facility of ESA's European Space Research and Technical Centre (ESTEC) in the Netherlands.

Enjoy building it!

cutout model + instructions (Word document, 1768kb)

cutout model + instructions (PDF format, 2793 kb)

background details (PDF format, 3700 kb)